Project Detail

Industrial Waterproofing

For: Riverside Manufacturing Facility Location: Peterborough, Ontario

Client Problem & Requirements:
The Riverside Manufacturing Facility in Peterborough wanted industrial waterproofing solutions to protect its production areas and equipment from water damage. The client sought a reliable contractor to assess existing waterproofing deficiencies and implement effective solutions to safeguard the facility’s operations.

Our Solution:
VIDAN Roofing conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the Riverside Manufacturing Facility, identifying areas susceptible to water intrusion and moisture damage. Our team recommended the installation of industrial-grade waterproofing membranes and coatings to fortify vulnerable areas and prevent potential disruptions to manufacturing processes.

The Outcome:
Following the implementation of industrial waterproofing solutions, the Riverside Manufacturing Facility experienced enhanced protection against water-related issues, ensuring uninterrupted production and operational efficiency. VIDAN Roofing’s expertise in industrial waterproofing provided the client with peace of mind, safeguarding critical assets and minimizing the risk of costly downtime.