Thermoplastic Olefin


Molecule that is liquid when heated, and solid when cooled.


Polyvinyl Choride

Polyvinyl Choride

Vinyl Polymer constructed of repeating vinyl groups having one of their hydrogens replaced with a chloride group.

The Products We Use

VIDAN Roofing only uses IKO fiberglass shingles to roof homes. IKO has been in the business since 1951 so they know very well how to keep homes waterproof. They have a fine eye for detail, which allows the shingles to bring out the beauty in any home.

IKO offers the traditional 25yr 3-tab design along with the Cambridge 30yr. The Cambridge 30yr shingles are distinguished by a shake-like design. They come with superior rare strength and resistance to high winds. With the 30 yr Cambridge, you still have a good as new appearance years after the installation.

VIDAN Roofing also specializes in TPO Flat Roofs. TPO is a single-ply thermostatic roofing membrane similar to PVC roofs at first glance. First, an ISO foam of at least 2 inches thick is installed with large spades and screws. The foam acts as an insulator and protection from falling objects such as hail. The ISO foam will act as an absorber or cushion, then the TPO is applied. All seams are welded together with an electric hot air gun. No open torch is allowed on our flat roofs.

There are different types of TPO out there but we only recommend the Firestone. We’re proud to say that Vidan Roofing & Contracting is a certified installer with Firestone.

If you don’t have VIDAN Roofing do the job, make sure any other contractor you may hire uses the best product available on your home.

VIDAN Roofing

TPO Flat Roof. See the installation process in our gallery.

Vidan is a certified installer with Firestone.