Project Detail

Waterproofing of Commercial Complex

For: Lakeside Office Plaza Location: Oshawa, Ontario

Client Problem & Requirements:
Lakeside Office Plaza in Oshawa faced water infiltration issues in its underground parking garage, leading to structural damage and safety concerns for tenants. The client sought a waterproofing solution that would effectively seal the concrete structure and prevent future water ingress.

Our Solution:
VIDAN Roofing utilized advanced waterproofing membranes and sealants to address the complex’s waterproofing needs comprehensively. Our team conducted a thorough assessment of the parking garage, identifying vulnerable areas prone to water intrusion. We meticulously applied waterproofing materials to create a durable and seamless barrier against moisture penetration.

Following the waterproofing project, Lakeside Office Plaza experienced a significant reduction in water infiltration issues, providing tenants with a safe and dry parking environment. VIDAN Roofing’s expertise in waterproofing solutions ensured long-term protection for the commercial complex, preserving its structural integrity and enhancing tenant satisfaction.